We have set up this service for all expatriates, emigrants, pensionados and people abroad

who still want to stay connected to their home country. 

And for everyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of our 4 K / FHD Live Tv channels.

With our own Live Tv Box you can take it anywhere in the world where internet and TV with HDMI is.

European and American TV channels watch via internet on your Androidbox, Firestick, Computer or Apple device.

The Live Tv packages of Alles in 1 Box are stable, 4 K / FHD quality and affordable.

We  have satisfied customers in South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, Ecuador, America, Spain, France, Switzerland and more.

You are not stuck to anything after taking one of our subscriptions. You decide if you want to extend it again. 

 3 months is also 3 months. No shared accounts ! 

Contact now: expats@allesin1box.nl