Frequently asked questions

Is the All in 1 box including internet ?

No, All in 1 Box only provides the Live TV services and the software. We recommend to take the cheapest All-in package with your / an internet provider, because in most cases it is cheaper than internet (at least 50 mbits) only. Especially that usually multiple users are connected to the internet with Telephone, Tablet or other device. The choice is yours especially look at the annual offers!

Am I stuck with a subscription after a period of time ? 

No, after the period is over you decide to extend it yourself. With an All in 1 box you are free to choose another supplier after the year. The box is your property and other Live TV suppliers can be on it as well.

Can the All in 1 Box be used anywhere in the world ?

Yes. Wherever there is internet and you have a television with HDMI connection. Our separate Live TV subscriptions can also be connected to the laptop (easy for business laptop users). Or you can take the All in 1 Box with you on holiday. It needs little space.

Can I use the subscription on different devices ?

You can install our app on different devices, but only use 1 device at a time. The server will see when a subscription is used on 2 or more devices. Then the server will disconnect and you will lose everything.
Do you want to look at multiple devices at the same time please ask for our possibilities ( discount ).

Is everything in Box also reachable by phone ?

I'm afraid not. To keep costs as low as possible, we have chosen to do everything via our email ( ).
We are working on a Whats app contact option.

Store your log data ?

No, All in 1 Box does not store any data or log.

I see no channels or no connection what to do?

Log out of your account ( top of app ) . Close app and restart, then log in again.
Can't connect yet? Check your internet. For example, see if You Tube does it.
Or check our Malfunction - Update page.

Do I need VPN to watch?

No, basically not. Unfortunately there are countries in Europe and the USA that block IPTV.
We recommend VPN for Spain ( Balearic Islands ) , Great Britain and Germany. 

I don't see any Reviews on the site, why not?

Here, too, we guarantee the privacy of our customers.
A European survey shows that most reviews are generated by the site owners themselves.
We do not participate in that. Our large worldwide (satisfied) customer base speaks for itself.